It’s a Wrap!

Good day Friends -As at the close of a film production, we’re sounding the call that the year is ending. We have but a few days left to review, reflect and re-energize while we prepare for 2017.Looking back at another year with you  - our Valued Clients –  we are thankful to be able to live our professional purpose: improving workplace performance.We also take this opportunity to share our 2016 highlights and annual ‘best of’ list.Trainmar Highlights:

  • My career milestone of having trained over 2000 persons and delivered over 125 programs within the CARICOM region.
  • Delivery of our 2016 projects by a team of 13 facilitators.
  • Introduction of the 360 Degree Feedback Survey and the Employee Engagement Survey- both surveys are administered online, fully customized and automated.
  • Committed support for Amica House (home for displaced girls).
Our Top Picks for 2016:

Best in Social Change:
     Support Local – This year we noticed an increase in the availability of top quality local products. Whether for the home or for gifts, supporting local encourages the growth of entrepreneurship in T&T. It’s also a great feeling knowing you are changing your neighbour’s life.

Best in Learning on Demand:
     Udemy is the world’s largest destination for online courses. We took advantage of their ‘Black Friday’ sale to test the quality of the programs and are satisfied learners. You can choose from a wide range of topics, learn at your own pace and access from any of your smart devices.

Best #LifeHack:

 Life hacks are tips and tools to improve your productivity and efficiency (one of our ‘fav’ topics). The best one this year was simply removing that which is non-goal related. The ability to remove the unnecessary and avoid all non-value add activities is critical to achieving your goals.We will share more on this in the New Year as this is often easier said than done.

Best Read:
 Not a new read – I got my autographed copy in 2004! This year, we covered communication in various projects: management and leadership development, speech coaching, training new trainers, presentation skills and and getting sales people to hit their targets. It is my #1 ‘go to’ book on communication and should be in every leader’s library.

Feel welcome to share your top picks for 2016.

As always, we at Trainmar look forward to making a positive difference in your business and life.

See you in 2017!

Leah de Souza
Principal Consultant – Workplace Performance Improvement

How to contact me:

  2. M: 868-735-5590

How to stay in contact with me:
Facebook Page & LinkedIn: Leah de Souza  | Twitter: @leahdesouza

Visual Memories: ‘Serious Learning, Serious Fun’


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IMDG Standard Training
Thursday 26th & Friday 27th January 2017
The IMDG Code, 2016 Edition will become authorized for use on January 1st, 2017 for two years and will be mandatory for use January 1st 2018. The program content includes the latest DOT rulemakings applicable to Intermodal transportation.

This program is for both first time participants and those requiring updated training.

IMDG Codes also available for purchase.

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